Kiwi DeluxeKiwi Campers owns and operates a fleet of around 150 late model luxury campervans and motorhomes.

Kiwi Campers was founded in early 2005, on the idea of offering luxury motorhomes at a price that would be competitive in the domestic market. From an original offering of only five vehicles, the fleet has now grown to be around 150 vehicles strong. With Happy Campers the total fleet is over 450 vehicles. Kiwi Campers’ dramatic expansion is a result of a winning combination of offering exceptional quality motorhomes and great customer service, with many customer returning for their second or third trip in our motorhomes.

Check out their testimonials on the website. Kiwi Campers specialises in providing its service to the international market, but also recognises the importance of the domestic market of New Zealand. It services both markets by offering the best value motorhome for your dollar.

Kiwi Campers also recognises the growing concerns connected with the environment, so we encourage environmentally friendly practices to help you experience New Zealand’s unspoilt beauty the way we do naturally. In 2008, Kiwi Campers became New Zealand’s (and possibly the world’s) first Carbon Neutral rental motorhome operator through GreenCarbon.

While the core business of Kiwi Campers is obviously the rentals, we are also beginning to make an appearance on the sales front. The vehicles are used in the rental fleet and then sold to the domestic traveller who desires a very modern and reliable motorhome, offering the best vans, but at a price that is more affordable.

Kiwi Campers mission is to be the customer’s first choice in their motorhome rental requirements.

Carbon Neutral