What living and cooking equipment is included with the vehicles?

All campervans are fully equipped with duvet, sheets, pillows/cases, towels, cutlery, crockery, pots and pans, toaster, kettle, gas kettle and much more.

What do you mean by calendar days when we book?

All campervan operators in New Zealand charge by the day, not per 24 hour period. So regardless of the time of collection and return, you will be charged for the day you collect and the day you drop your vehicle off. This is somewhat like a hotel and a rental car company all in one as you can drive and sleep in your vehicle.

Can a child seat be fitted to the campervan?

All of our campervans can be fitted with child seats.

Are the campervans automatic or manual?

The Happy Sleeper is an Automatic column shift. The Happy 2, Happy 2S&T, Happy 3, Happy 4 and Happier 3 all have a 5 speed manual transmission.

How long will my batteries last?

The Happy 2, 2S&T, 3, 4 and Happier 3 all have a separate house battery, which is independent of the engine battery and this battery charges whilst driving or if plugged into mains power. Using the house battery will not run the engine battery flat. This house battery, depending on usage, can last up to 48 hours without driving or being plugged into mains power. It is recommend that you drive or plug the vehicle in for a charge once a day. Since the engine battery is separate, if you flatten the house batteries, you will still be able to start the engine and drive. The Happy Sleeper has a secondary battery designed to last the night.

How much water do I have on board?

The Happy 2, 3 and Happier 3 all have around 45 liters in its water tank. The Happy 2S&T and Happy 4 has a 100l fresh water tank and an 82l waste water tank. The Happy Sleeper has a 4 liter fresh water tank which is interchangeable with another 4 liter tank if required. The fresh water tank can be refilled at holiday parks and often a service station when you refuel the vehicle.

Is there heating in the vehicle?

The Happy 2 S&T and Happy 4 has an LPG powered heater as well as an electric (240v) heater onboard. The Happy 2, 3 and Happier 3 all have a 240 volt fan heater which will only work when plugged into camp site power. The Happy Sleeper has no heating.

How long does the LPG last?

If you are free camping you may use a 9kg gas bottle every 10 days with average use.

How and when should I make my bookings?

We always suggest as soon as you know the dates you wish to have your holiday – go online and book. To confirm we need a NZ$400 deposit and then the balance is due 28 days prior to your hire. The best way to submit your credit card details are though the secure server bookings page on our website.

What do you mean by calendar days when we book?

All campervan operators in New Zealand charge by the day, not per 24 hour period. So regardless of the time of collection and return, you will be charged for the day you collect and the day you drop your vehicle off. This is somewhat like a hotel and a rental car company all in one as you can drive and sleep in your vehicle.

I have submitted my booking form and credit card – What happens now?

Your request will be processed within 24 hours of receiving your booking or we will get in contact with you. If a vehicle is available for the dates you specified, your booking will be finalised and your credit card will be charged a NZ$400 deposit. If a vehicle is not available, we will contact you with a suitable alternative and no payment will be incurred.

Why do I have to include my credit card number?

We require a credit card for the NZ$400 deposit to secure you booking. Your credit card information is strictly confidential and this is a faster method for securing your booking compared with Cash or Cheque.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. Security of our customer’s credit card is taken very seriously. To ensure your security, all credit card transactions are secured by SSL, which encrypts the credit card number so as to make it unavailable to any other party.

Which credit card types do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express (Amex). Please note that Amex cards have an additional fee of 3.5% when used.

What currency will my Credit Card be charged?

All credit card transactions will be processed in the card’s Country of Origin currency when available, otherwise they will be charged in New Zealand dollars. This applies to all bookings made through our website.

What is your Reservation Policy?

To secure a booking we do require a NZ$400 deposit. No reservation will be accepted or guaranteed without a deposit. The deposit can be made in Cash, Cheque or Credit Card.

How can I amend or cancel my booking?

If you wish to amend or cancel your existing booking, please contact us s soon as possible. This is so we can make sure any extensions are available for you and to reduce the cost to you for cancellations. Simply go to our website and make an enquiry, or email . Please ensure you quote your confirmation number.

Is there a refund if I shorten my hire while on holiday?

No, there is no refund if you return your campervan earlier than the reserved period. However your travel insurance may in some circumstances cover the unused portion.

Do I need a special drivers licence to drive a campervan in New Zealand?

No, our campervans can be driven with a standard full car licence. License must be in English or an international drivers license is required.

How old do I need to be to drive a Happy Campers Motorhome?

We hire to anyone over the age of 18 who holds a full drivers license.

Do I need snow chains in New Zealand?

This is dependent on where in the country you intend to travel and over which season. Happy Campers does not recommend you drive anywhere that requires snow chains, but does rent them for a small fee for your peace of mind.

Is there a minimum hire period?

Summer Periods we have a minimum hire period of 5 days (October-April)
Winter Periods we have a minimum hire period of 10 days (May-September)

Are there any roads I can’t drive on?

You can not drive on the following roads:

  • Ninety Mile Beach – Northland
  • North of Colville Township – Coromandel Peninsula
  • Tapu-Coroglen Road – Coromandel Peninsula
  • Skippers Canyon Road – Queenstown
  • Ball Hutt Road – Mt. Cook.

What is the safe travel speed for driving the campervans?

The open road speed limit is 100km/hour but we suggest a comfortable speed for driving your campervan is 90km/hour, especially if you have never driven one before. Should you choose to travel below the speed limit, please show courtesy to other road users by allowing them to pass.

How much fuel am I likely to use on my holiday?

This all depends on how far you travel! The Happy 2, 2 S&T, 3, 4, Happier 3 and the Happy Sleeper have an average fuel consumption of 10-12 ltrs per 100kms.

Do I have to pay for road tax?

Only on our Diesel vehicles Happy 2ST and Happy 4. You are charged per kilometer you drive the vehicle. The Happy 2, 3, Happier 3 and the Happy Sleeper are petrol vehicles so do not incur a road tax.

Can I park and sleep in the campervan wherever I want, or do I have to stay in a campground?

It is not always necessary to go to a camp ground. It is acceptable to stop on the side of the road or in a bush reserve as long as there are no signs saying “No Parking/Overnight Camping”. Use commonsense and courtesy. Please remember to take any rubbish for proper disposal later. Camp grounds usually charge around NZ$10 – $15 per night per person.

Does Happy Campers supply a list of campgrounds around New Zealand?

Yes, we supply camp ground & regional guides as well as comprehensive New Zealand road maps.

Do I have to pre-book camping parks?

It is rare for powered sites to be full at camping parks. The only time it may be a problem is over the Christmas/New Year period continuing to the end of the second week of January and also the first two weeks of February. Bookings may be wise in some of the key tourist centres also.

Where are your offices located?

Happy Campers has 2 offices in New Zealand located in Auckland and Christchurch.

Can Happy Campers deliver a vehicle to our hotel/motel?

You need to come to our office to collect your vehicle so we can complete the necessary documentation and show you how to use your campervan. The whole process takes about 45 minutes. We offer complementary transfers to collect you from the airport or accommodation surrounding the airport.

How do I collect my vehicle?

Happy Campers offers a free courtesy pick up/drop off service from the airport or accommodation surrounding the airport to our depot between the hours of 10am-3pm. When you are ready to be collect calls us on our and we can arrange our courtesy vehicle to come and get you. Please note that you should advise us a in advance of a collect or your flight details so we can guarantee your collection will not be delayed. Alternatively you are welcome to make your own way here.

Do I have to pre-book the ferry service across Cook Strait?

During the peak summer season, from December to March, it is advisable o pre-book ferry services in advance. We would be happy to arrange this for you before you arrive. Please let us know your preferred crossing date(s) and time(s) and the name and ages of those crossing on the ferry. For a sailing itinerary please visit www.bluebridge.co.nz

Do you charge fees for one-way hires?

Where pick-ups originate from Auckland and return in Christchurch and the pick-up is between:

  • 1 April 2016 and 30 September 2016 – a one way fee of NZ $100.00 applies.
  • 1 October 2016 and 31 March 2017 – a one way fee of NZ $250.00 applies.

Where pick-ups originate from Christchurch and return to Auckland and the pick-up is between:

  • 1 April 2016 and 30 September 2016 – no one way fee applies.
  • 1 October 2016 and 31 March 2017 – a one way fee of NZ $150.00 applies

What happens if I break down or need assistance during my holiday?

Happy Campers is supported by Automobile Association (AA) 24-hour emergency breakdown service and a nationwide network of reputable service agents to deal with any problems that may arise. We can also authorize you to spend up to $100.00 in emergency repairs so that you can deal with minor matters speedily or when convenient to you, but please produce the receipt when you return from your hire for a refund.

Am I insured for windscreens and tyres?

Only if you opt for the Gold or Platinum Insurance cover.

What does the rental insurance cover?

The rental insurance cover restricts the maximum you are liable for in the event of an accident as long as you do not break the rental agreement terms and conditions. It does not cover you for any personal loss or injury. We suggest taking your own personal travel insurance.

If I have an accident and I am at fault, will I lose my entire Excess?

You will be liable for up to the amount of your excess towards the repair cost. If the damage is minor, you will only be charged the repair costs and not the entire excess.

Do I have to pay the bond?

Unlike other companies, Happy Campers does not deduct this before your motorhome hire starts. We simply require a credit card imprint with the Rental Agreement. If you don’t have a credit card, we require either Cash or signed Traveler´s Cheques in NZ$. If there is no loss/damage or any reported incidents, speeding fines or parking tickets, we will send the Cash or Travelers Cheques back to you in the form of a company cheque, 3 weeks after your hire ends.

I have Travel Insurance, which covers damage to the vehicle. Do I need to pay the vehicle insurance as well?

The bronze insurance is included in our rates and this is compulsory. If you are covered by travel insurance you will not need to pay for any additional insurance excess reduction.

What happens if I have an accident and it’s not my fault?

In the event that something happens to the campervan and you are not at fault, (either a vehicle accident where someone strikes the vehicle or damage occurs while the vehicle is parked) you are liable for the damage caused to the vehicle until we are able to receive payment for those damages from the third party.